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Korean Board Game, 'Yut-no-ri' 


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Korean Board Game, 'Yut-no-ri 

Written By: Michelle Min 


The typical equipment for this game is four wooden sticks, racers, and the game board. This 
version of the game is made of paper. There are paper templates in the attached documents. 

Step 1 — Korean Board Game, 'Yut-no-ri' 

• Print the PDF files 
PrintVersionYutBoard.pdf and 
PrintVersionlnside.pdf. (Or, if 
possible, you can print 
YutGameBoard.pdf instead. It's 
36cmX36cm size. But it's not for a 
kit version.) 

• Cut out each part. 

• I prefer printing on slightly stiff 
paper or card stock instead of 
regular paper. 

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Korean Board Game, 'Yut-no-ri' 

Step 2 

• Attach two pieces of the game board together using double-sided tape. 

• Assemble the rest of the game board in the same way. 

Step 3 

• Place the printed copy of PrintVersionlnside.pdf on the game board. 

• Then, fold the game board. 

• Cover with paper and attach the sticker to the center of the paper. 

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Korean Board Game, 'Yut-no-ri' 

Step 4 

• To make the game kit, first unfold the kit. 

• Cut the all the sticks, racers, and racers' stands. 

Step 5 

• To make the sticks, fold the each part. 

• Attach the long side of the stick using double sided tape. 

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Korean Board Game, 'Yut-no-ri' 

Step 6 

• Put glue on the tip of the stick. 

Step 7 

• This part can be a bit challenging. Once you have applied the glue, put your thumb on the 
end of the stick and push it in as shown. 

• You can also carefully hit the tip of the stick on the table to push the end in. 

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Korean Board Game, 'Yut-no-ri' 

Step 8 

• Fold a racer in half. 

• Fold a racer's stand as shown. 

• Cut a small slit in the middle of the stand. 

• Insert the racer in the middle of the stand. 

Step 9 

• You're done. Now, the game is 
ready to play. 

• Instructions for playing this game 
are included in 

• Enjoy the game! 

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